Saving time while travelling from Singapore to JB Sentral!

Are you travelling from Singapore to Malaysia any time soon? Are you wondering, which one would be the most convenient mode of travelling? Well, it is not just you alone. There are many others just like you, who face this confusion regarding the best mode of conveyance between these two countries.
About travelling between Malaysia and Singapore:
Every day, thousands of people travel from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa by bus using KKKL, Konsortium, 88 Bus, LPMS bus, Pacific Express, Sri Maju, Supernice Grassland, The One Travel Bus service . Many do this for holidaying and touring and many do this for personal and official needs. In most of the time, the maximum crowd and trafficking is experienced in between Singapore and Johor. This is because; Johor is the nearest state of Malaysia that is located just next to the border of Singapore. Hence, it is the best idea to reach Johor at first and then, from there, take other modes of conveyance as per requirement.
Why take a train?
If you are thinking of travelling to Johor at first and then travel to the rest of the country and cities of Malaysia, then taking a train to Johor Bahru from Singapore is the best idea. Johor Bahru is the capital city of the state of Johor and there is a new railway station namely JB Sentral railway station that welcomes a number of trains every day from Singapore.
The KTM of Keretapi Tanah Melayu is the railway service that runs from the Thailand border of Malaysia in the north to Singapore in the south, through the entire peninsular Malaysia. Hence, once you reach the JB Sentral railway station from Singapore, you will be able to take another train from there to reach the other stations of the country in the other states and cities.
About the train service between Singapore and Johor Bahru:

train service
The trains that connect Singapore and JB Sentral are part of the KTM ETS or Electric Train Service of Malaysia. The trains that run between these two stations are the Shuttle trains. The best part of this train service is that it takes only 5 minutes to reach JB from Singapore. It is the fastest railway service and you will be able to cover the distance in almost no time.
Booking the train tickets:
The only thing that you have to be careful about is that you book your tickets on time and beforehand. There is always a demand and rush for these tickets as travellers prefer to choose this mode of conveyance, because of the fast travelling nature of these trains. But, if you cannot afford to travel to the railway station or the railway ticket booking counter, you will not have to worry about that. This is because these tickets can be purchased online. As you choose a good online ticket booking platform, you will be able to choose one-way as well as both-way tickets on the very date you would like to travel. It will save you a lot of your time.

Are you keen to mix leisure and travel?

If so, then the most affordable and easy way to visit Tioman is by the use of ferry Mersing to Tioman Island. Ferry riding from Mersing to Tioman Island is the best adventure in the entire universe as you get to explore the world of water. Online ferry ticket booking is becoming a daily affair and Bluewater has gone further steps to introduce the idea of online booking. It is true that for one to get to the sunny island of Tioman is by the use of speed ferry. Be a ticket champion by overcoming the challenges of getting a ticket by going online booking. The system is cheap, affordable, and safe and gives you the peace of mind. Online ferry ticket ticketing gives you a peace of mind to relax on the ferry seat without much hustling. Don’t lose the chance to have your holiday at Tioman, book your ticket and enjoy as you explore the beautiful sites of the blue water. The ferries that operate the route to Tioman are efficient, fast, and comfortable and are conditioned fully. Spend 1.5 to 2 hours to explore Tioman Isle.

Advantages of Booking Ferry Ride from Mersing to Pulau Tioman:


  1. Instant Confirmation

Booking a ferry ticket at the office will guarantee you getting your ticket instantly. You are assured of not being duped or conned as you give out money you get your ticket instantly. You will get a confirmation there and there, there is no time to waste waiting for the confirmation. At the office, you get to know the number of seats empty and those booked thus not getting disappointed by booking what another person has booked.

  1. Buy The Right Ferry Ticket

There are quite a number of ferry tickets and when you book the ferry ride that comes from Mersing to Tioman then you are assured of buying the right ticket. You get to spend the right amount as you shy away from brokers who might charge you much. Online ticketing can be simple but on the other hand, accurate and realistic. The team of professionals will help you get the right tickets that will take you to your choice of destination. The right ticket will enable enjoy your trip by paying the right fare. There is no more or double charging as the system logs all your information.

  1. Quick safe and secure

Booking the ferry is quick, safe and securest way of going to Tioman by ferry. Your security is our prime choice thus, we give you the quicker and secure way to Tioman. Your money is secure and you are assured of getting your destination without much hustle. The system is simple to use and quick to respond.

  1. Pay by either Credit card, visa or master

There are varied ways to pay for your tickets depending on the kind of your method you love. It is convenient and safest way to pay for your ticket. Once you make the pay you are advised accordingly as to the way forward to your destination.

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